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Laquelle ?
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Lequel ?
Laquelle ? :)
Laquelle ?!
Welche ?

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🎶boom clap! I need a nap! My sleep goes on and on and on on on on
Elyar Fox cute in this pic?
Try touching one of these animals with your nose comment what you got
Fav food?
Quand vous écrivez LOL ou MDR dans un sms , êtes-vous vraiment en train de rigoler ?
Is there any females really over 18 on hey crowd. Hit me
Le quel des one direction est le plus jeune.
What do u think my name is
Who is your favorite girl from Little Mix
Some one Kik me
What kind of name do you like for your pet?
If you eat yourself would you disappear or would you be twice your size??
Is your older sibling a big onions to you
How do u say hello in Armenian...(I know)
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