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The Beatles : Yesterday all my troubles seemed .....
How close do you live to the beach?
guys here is my new house so far
Favorite Line From An August Song
The Guy next to you ist picking so far up his nose that almost half his Finger is in there, what Would you like to say?
Subscribe to me on YouTube! My account name is Hannah Stock. I only have 2 vids so far
Ready ir not ...
Please select the best answer that applies to your teachers.
Please select the best answer that applies to your classes.

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Which one?
overall shorts yay or nay??
Would you date this man?
Question in comments .
Is my dog cute (she is a sheepo she's a breed )
Norman the Dog hates Christmas songs! This video is too funny & cute๐Ÿ˜
He yo my name is gizmo I am so cuto
Do you think it's cruel to use animals to entertain us?
How did Noah die
How many children do you have?
To all the fashionistas, in your opinion. Is it important if the guy cares about how he dresses?
Who has a bunch or has 1 annoying siblings
Favorite Character in "The big bang theory" ?
Aimez vous le chanteur de rap " guizmo " ?
What would u rate me
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