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Just reposting! 😀
Do u ever have to be away from that special someone so long that every time u think about them u get butterflies inside?
Has anyone heard that justin bieber got arrested
You better repost!!
To everyone still reposting the #stopYulin2015, seriously stop. I realize it's sad, but that happened NINE MONTHS AGO!
This is so sad do you agree
Reposting to see of works!

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Hey yall my momma died today at 3 this morning (shes on the left in pic) if your religious can you please pray for me?
More quinceanera pics!!!
My cat just died.😭😭😭 I'm SO sad. What should i do next?
What does it mean when your crush stares at you?
Coolest lipstick?💄
A movie is getting really good and the movie ends or a cermacial starts. How do you fell
"When, when the fire is at my feet again"
I want any comment. U can say whatever u want
Who is your least favorite Harry Potter character?
Unscramble this if you do comment and you get a shoutout! ssenemosewa
I'm 11 and I'm afraid that I have a bad iq score is it good or bad I hope it's good
What your favorite emoji?😕
OMG!! I love this girl so much!! She is so sweet and awesome!! Y'all need to check her out if you haven't!😘😘😘😘😭😭
Anyone ever been to England
What's your favourite song at the moment? 🎧
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