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Just reposting! 😀
Do u ever have to be away from that special someone so long that every time u think about them u get butterflies inside?
Has anyone heard that justin bieber got arrested
You better repost!!
To everyone still reposting the #stopYulin2015, seriously stop. I realize it's sad, but that happened NINE MONTHS AGO!
This is so sad do you agree
Reposting to see of works!

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Do you want to date my sister?( age 13)
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Which Gender is better Boy or Girl?
It's ok not to skip #Jelena , It's ok to ship Jelena , but it isn't ok to send Selena /Justin rude messages !
Does he like me? He always stares at me and I mean ALOT and sometimes I see his friends pointing me out to him and then he smiles and I catch him watching me talk to other people in class, and look away when I see.
Do u guys give blow jobs
What does 'waiting for validation' mean when you are trying to ask a question on this app?
Best band
When people are for black, LGBT, etc it is the greatest thing. But I say I am proud to be white, and I'm racist. Wtf?
Who do you see?
Do you love Justin Bieber
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