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I went to Glenworth valley, the place I volunteer at! 1,2,4 Are foals 3 is a horse! Which picture would be ur favourite?
Which pic that I took from the concert is your favorite?
I went to a park, here's some pics!
This is from my app covet fashion which is your fav outfit
Pics from my trip to Seattle which of these pics is best? ( more to come )
which of these screencaps from mr show is the best representation of your life generally
Which is more your style? Btw I designed these my self on polyvore
Which is your fav
I painted all of these. Which one is the best?

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Do u have Instagram? If u do PLEASE can u follow me @cottoncandy10675 If u do I will follow u back. Thanks!
Who's your favorite fashion designer?
Hubba Bubba: swallow or spit?
A B C D Pick one
where can i watch "The Hunger games" online?
Can you give me some cool servers?👾🎮
How many languages do u speak and what??? I speak English and Italian!!!
Which is the best game system?
Which is better? The Oreo cream or cookie?
What color hair do you have? If you have none of these, please comment!
So I was looking at questions, and the comments are so rude! Why can't we all just be nicer???
🚨TO ALL THE RETARDS THAT POST SHIRTLESS PICTURES 🚨 Stop doing it.The rest of this is in the comments.
Welcher kanton der schweiz ist am besten?
do you like the new taylor swift or old
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