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This freaking person is flirting on me! Help!
Hey thanks if i get 100 ? I will do truth or dare pics
I need a new name. Ideas? (Credit to Dancing Diva.)
Do you think im ugly. Even though im asian? Or do you think im pretty?
Should tomboy gangster delete this app
I'm bored and I want to watch a movie on Netflix, but I can't decide on what to watch, got any ideas?
How old do you think is my cat?
How does she look (My cousin)
Which hair is cutest?
Where are Europe's most productive oil fields located? I know the answer, but the question is, do you?
Did you know if you pick a number double it add six half it then subtract by the number you started with you get three.
Are me and my boyfriend a cute couple?
How much of the ocean floor have we explored?
Do you sleep in the nude
If I ask Tyler the creator to prom do you think he'll say yes
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