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What's your fav emoji
What's your fav Emoji??
What's Your Fav Emoji?
What's your fav emoji?
What's your favorite emoji?
What's ur fav emoji
What's ur fav emoji?
What's your fav new emoji
What's your fav emoji

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Have you ever talked to a ghost?
🎢boom clap! I need a nap! My sleep goes on and on and on on on on
Who's going to say hi in the comments?πŸ™‹
You ask me a question?! I'll mesege u the answer !πŸ‘
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In Indonesia, the penalty for MASTURBATION, is DECAPITATION ( beheading).
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Is your name kaden chase barefoot and are you a boy who is eleven
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Snapchat? shakeman35
You have weekend homework. When do you do it?
If u hΓ’te me comment why
Not the best picture but my and my bf. thoughts?
What's the most embarrassing moment you've ever had😊(I'll say mine in comments☺️)
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