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Do you think my puppy is cute
Have you seen the show the fosters?
Would you rather be known for being a likable person, or for being a respectable person?
What HG relationship do u like best?
Does anyone know any good quiz websites? like the ones of "which God/Goddess are you"?
Do u have Instagram? If u do PLEASE can u follow me @cottoncandy10675 If u do I will follow u back. Thanks!
We should rise above hate right??
Winner is @Skyler !! And btw, thank you skyler. U know why
I never seen a diamond in the flesh. I cut my _______ on wedding rings in the movies.
Do you know what 6! equals?
Do you think I'm cute
πŸ˜„Rate these girls In hotness!😊
comment your favorite emojis
I'm I sexy
Which color?
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