Sorry guys I really haven't been on. Hey crowd in a while! anyway here is a shout out to Charifatou and BitsyBoo 🐴🐴

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Asked almost 2 years ago by userpic 🍍pineapples_4_life🍍 to crowd icon Everyone
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Would you rather die in the worst way you can imagine or live forever and watch everyone you love die?
What animal would you rather be?
I have a confession... I HATE POKEMON!!!!!
BE HONESTπŸ™πŸ™ which outfit is cuter? Might wear it to disneyland.?.?.?
Sorry everyone, I just have been really busy lately and I couldn't really go on HeyCrowd.
Truth or dare game going on if you want to play text me then ask me truth or dare and I will put it on flipagram.
Do you have a name that teachers always pronounce wrong on the first day of school? What is it?
Which show is best?
Do you know who they are ?
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Can people please comment on my questions thanks😊
If you could have any fictional creature from any movie what would it be? Like mine would be a Ewok from Star Wars.
Is dis true bcuz I did it
How much does Sofia suck
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