Im booooooored

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Asked over 1 year ago by userpic Caitlyn to crowd icon Everyone
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Tell me things to say all random things please im playing something
I'm bored! Nothing to do!
My eye is felling really bad like there's something stuck in there im going to the doctor what do I do😭😱
When do you find yourself cosplaying? is it something you stick to for conventions only?
Do you want to eat something that Im cooking?
I hate when people say goodnight on social media!They're all like 'Goodnight Twitter!Im gonna go do something sexy!'
Do you have a dirty mind?
Am I the only one who's bored like 24/7
Im soo bored… sorry this pic is bad
Do you find that you have to wait too long for your clothes to be made?

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do i look tired ?
Who loves Twix?
Witch do u like better
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My mom is trying to make me starve to death
Girls in Boots?
Who is the least talented member of One Direction?
which one do u prefer?
RIP my two favorite hair ties 😭
What's your favoret thing to do?????
It is illegal, in France, to name your pig "Napoleon".
I love leggings! Do you?
Am I pretty if not why
What would be Rarity's BEST husband choice?
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