Hey guys sorry I am back now I have beed so busy I got brases

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Asked over 1 year ago by userpic Bailee to crowd icon Everyone
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Hey guys! I am going to delete this app, so sorry!Bye!
Hey guys I know I have been pretty b*tchy but I am really really sorry I hope yall will forgive me please❤️
Hey I deleted this app but I just got it back so what would you guys like me to ask?
Hey guys im back!! Sorry i have been gone for so long my mom accidentally deleted the app
Hi guys sorry i haven't been on I've been really busy! So what is your favorite food? It can be anything!
I am so sorry guys but I couldn't get my account back that I used to have so please make this one just as popular 😋
Hai guys! I've been real busy lately with school but I'm back now! Sorry for not coming on to a while!
Hey guys!! I've been more and more active now, so I think I'm officially back!! (Btw, this was from like last night😊)
Hey guys! I'm back from my trip so I can start posting and messaging more😊

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il y a 2 chaises, sur une y a un gâteau et sur l'autre une b*te et tu doit s'assoir sur l'une d'elle et manger l'autre.
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