If people do use this still and care I got a haircut since the last time you saw me so yeah

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Please stop disabling my questions for the 5th time. If you don't like a question message me why
If she doesn't do that, give up on her and move on. There's a lot more other people who will care about you. 💕
More votes then last time, got to beat 500
Do you hate it when you're using a public urinal and someone decides to pee right next to you?
Ok last time if I break this time u be mean to me ok so be nice I won't lie anymore if you be nice
If you do smoke, what is your reason?
If you do smoke, what is your reason?
since people complained last time, if you have a comment/ suggestion/ complaint put it here:
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart, all I care about is ... 🎶 (One last time - Ariana Grande)

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What does it mean if a guy flirts with you u ask him if he likes u he blushes and walks away and doesn't answer?
I think I have a bad case of Cacophobia, do you?
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