You are?

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Asked over 1 year ago by userpic Chris Hahs to crowd icon Everyone
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Hope people can understand.
Does your dog get crazy when u blow on her/him
MY BOY BESTIESSSSS are they cute?? Aka they have gfs except or the one in the blue aka my crush and their gf r ma bffs 2
What TV show is better?
Which is the hardest position in football?
I put my dog in a wonesie isn't she adorable😊
What is your favorite summer pastime?
Comment what you guys think on British people and their accents :)
Would you date me? Dm or pm me😄
Sorry everyone, I just have been really busy lately and I couldn't really go on HeyCrowd.
Do you like the name Kylie?
Violetta:kawo ti lübisch bolsche?
Why is there so much drama. I haven't been here too long but so many people have left
Cutest Boy? (Kids)
Omg I can't believe I'm almost at 1000!! 😃😃😃
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