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Would you wear this?
Would u wear this?
If you are alone would you go naked?
Would you wear tho outfit I made on Polyvore?
Would you ever wear this outfit I made on Polyvore?
Would you think she's a model?
Are you a litter bug??
Would you like to go to space?
Would you date me?
Would u like to be there

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Nicest Butt
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It's sad it had to be this way
My dad lost on fighting me!
Little spoon or big spoon?
Degeu ou pa le cuni pendant les raigles ? Moi jador
I was rejected twice, but I fell in love with my best friend again should I...(I'm a guy she a girl)
Do amputees scare you?
Try pushing 😁 with your pinky toe.
Am I ugly or nah
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