what is your favorite color

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Asked 8 months ago by userpic Jade to crowd icon Everyone
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So I like this guy and everybody says we flirt with each other, but I don't think we do and I don't know if he likes me.
How many legs does this elephant have?
I bet only 1 person knows this. (Credit to πŸ’‹HCHπŸ’‹)
Are you in dance comp
This is so amazing its so good to listen to when you've lost your way in life!
Have you seen the show the fosters?
Hey!Im new and bored.So I just wanted to post this.
Why is there so much drama. I haven't been here too long but so many people have left
School starts tomorrow. FML! When did/does school start for you?
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Jayfeather, Blind, Grey Sorting,Turning, Mewing Medicine cats Is that a good poem?
Would you rather be known for being a likable person, or for being a respectable person?
Do u think she is pretty
What's your username on Roblox? Mine is IceQueenxBae.
Squanto has the same birthday as me! 😯
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