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I just had to post this quote because I love it!
Like this?
Do you like my pumpkin?
Do you like softball? I do :D
Do you like softball? I do :D
Like my hair
Ever watched My Strange Addiction?
Do you like The Vampire Diaries?(-I love it)
Do You like Clash of Clans...
Cute or not

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Note moi sur 20 et précise en commentaire ! ✌️🌸
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Pancakes or waffles?
Have you been raped or molested? I have
Which one?
Trump;The greatest theft in the history of the world is what China has done to our country we rebuilt China
This picture is...
What do you think about Jake Paul
KITTIB vs Yubin in diss rap battle on Unpretty Rapstar!
My crush sits next to me in class. I think that he might like me. What do i do?
I wanna die!
Which is the hardest position in football?
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