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Do you like One Direction?
Do you like them?
Do you like one direction
Do you like one direction???!!!
Do you like skrillex
One Direction is...?
Do u like one direction?
Do you like Little Mix?
Do you like one direction????πŸ’œ

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When my computer understands math
Do you suck at dancing?
Comment ur recently used emojis!!!!!!!
A guy keeps texting u and u want him to stop but u dont wanna hurt his feelings. Wat do u do?
Is your teacher rude
Niall before he had braces or after...?
Who is your favorite character from Drake & Josh?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
As everyone is doin it I will to. Am I cute??? ;) and which pic is best
Can someone explain to me what the 9+10=21 joke is about I don't get it!!!!!
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