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How old are you? Comment your real age plz.
Would you rather have dimples or freckles?
My pixel art #6. Which is your fav? I drew all of these today. (11-12-16)
I'm I sexy
Does she look like slimer from ghost busters?
Does my cousin look cute sleeping
What is the naughtiest thing you have ever worn for Halloween?
Would you date me, if you were a boy, and you maybe knew me?
My Boyfriend lives 7000 miles away.... What should I do??? I love him so much and don't like any boys here
What is the scariest encounter you've ever had?
My sister's friends are being mean to her and I want to help her! I don't know what to do so what should I do?
Miley's real name is Destiny hope. Everybody calls her miley but only one person still calls her destiny. Who?
Are you a fan of justin bieber?
What's that one addicting junk food you can't live without??
Should I keep my username as Christian (my real name) or change it to pupbot (half robot half dog) because robot dog
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