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Is this true???
How true is this?
So true
It's funny how true this is
Is this true?
True OR NOT true?
True Or Not True?
This is sooo true!! Right?

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Do you think its awkward when you tell your best guy friend that you really like him?
I hope you smile at least once today!!😄😘
My teacher asked me to draw something. I drew Miku.
To all the fashionistas, in your opinion. Is it important if the guy cares about how he dresses?
What's your favorite meat?
What the first thing you think of when you hear snake?
At 5 foot 7 inches, is 125 pounds a healthy weight for a female?
How old are me
If you had a ton of feathers and a ton of stones which would be heavier?
I'm sorry! Why can't we be friends?
What is 10 times 10=
Uhh if u my friend mandi and cassie I won't hack but If u won't be my friend I will start to hack
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