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Do u think she's cute?
Do u think she's cute?
Do u think this female is pretty?
Do you prefer to eat in restaurant/bars or take food/drink away?
Do you think I'm pretty? xx :)
Do you think schools have the right to take your phone away from you
what do you think?
Do you prefer dining in a restaurant or having a take-away?

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Why is this color mint green? This is mint. They are not the same color.
Is my hamster cute? His name is rhinoπŸ’–
Pick a animal
If you would date someone in 1D who would it be ???? For your imformation i dont know who to pick
Do you think dimples are cute
Comment what you rate me out of 1-10 of prettiness
Mir is langweilig was soll ich machen?
Comment what you guys think on British people and their accents :)
I hurt my ex bad but he still loves me and hates to see me move one and doesn't want to just be friends...
Have you gotten the creepypasta mod??
Who thinks Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton are dating??
Should I wear this outfit to school tomorrow??? πŸ˜‰
Which one for a formal event?
Sorry everyone, I just have been really busy lately and I couldn't really go on HeyCrowd.
Which phon have you got? πŸ“²
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