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What phone do you have
What phone do you prefer?
What phone do u have
What phone do you have?
What phone do you have?
What type of phone do you have?
Hat sort of phone do u have
What kind of phone do u have?
What type of cell phone do you own?

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Ksiolajidebt or comedyshortsgamer
Does my phot look sexy-------------->
Best pic of my wedding dress, it's so gorgeous I love it!
What is your favourite Impulse body spray?
Are you a Killjoy and if so what is your Killjoy name?
Favourite emotion?
Which picture of Andy Biersack is sexiest? (I love him, and his band so don't hate.)
Why is the British stereotype posh tea drinking guys with mustaches?
Best superhero?
Witch name is best?
would you were that dress
Do u like alternative rock band ATL (all time low)btw I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Alex
Do you know emmoji (search it on app store if not)
Which app do you prefer?
Do you sleep with a bra on?
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