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Why people hate me?😔
Would you date me, if you were a boy, and you maybe knew me?
If you were stranded on a tropical island what four things would you bring besides food and water? (it has a cabin)
The first 4 words u see describe u. Plz comment what words u saw😉
Would you wear this to a middle school dance?
If you could ask ur future self one question, what would it be?
How many cups are there in a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water?
Do you have a snapchat?
Were you born in canada?
How do I know if a bot likes me?!?!
A student at school called me ugly. Am I ugly?
Left handed or right handed?
Make garbage bag dresses and let me see! Just post them and at the end of your sentence, say: #GarbageBagDresses
What sports do you play?
Do my teeth look yellow
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