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What a good nickname for Erin?
Which Ouran high school host club character is your favorite? (I had to put them in pairs to get all the hosts in,sorry
Kik name
After removing a cataract in his right eye, Claude Monet....
Which one of the three categorical branches of BDSM are you more into (even if it's just a little bit, or just curious)?
What du you think about mee 😍 :) im car mechanic 😉
What football team do you think that will win the Super Bowl for 2016?
Finish this phrase My milkshake brings ____ to the yard
I have allodoxaphobia, do you?
Do you like sexy guys
Would you buy a new brand of thc-free, hemp CBD infused tea if sold at your local natural food store or deli?
What is your favorite song?
What do you do on your 20th birthday party ok
This is a greyhound. It is one of the fastest dogs in the world. It's max speed is about 45 mph/72.4 kmh. Did you know?
Do we make a cute couple?
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