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How many gold medals do u think we will win in 2012 Olympics this year?????
How many medals do you have ???
Witch do u like better diet dr.p, mist, or coke zero?
How many medals will we win?
How many trophies have man utd won fairly?
How many brothers or sisters do u think I have comment
How many kids do u want to have?
How many pets do u have
How many trophies do u have?

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How do you pronounce Canberra (capital of Australia)
Who's your favorite character?
Quel est le meilleur Starbucks à Paris?
Dance moms
I like a girl but she doesn't like me what should I do?
Do u think I hav got a big head
Are you excited about TU14
What is your fav films...
Beyoncé how much do you love her
Tbh I cut for 3 years and I need to stop and nothing I do works what do I do?
who is the better youtuber
What is the missing letter qwertyuopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
Best berry (comment others)
Got in from school and found ginger on my bed with a freaky doll!
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