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Have you ever read this book?
Have you read this book
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Have you ever read "series of unfortunate events?"
Have you read the maximum ride manga ?
Have you ever read The Farm?

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Would you rather get rich and famous by doing immoral things, or stay average by making moral decisions?
What's your favorite baseball team
What your favorite emoji?😕
Aide svp :B
Whoever can guess my favorite Tinker Bell Movie character getts a shoutout!!!
What season is your birthday in???😄😃😀😛
Three truths, one lie. Can you guess the lie about me?
What du you think about mee 😍 :) im car mechanic 😉
Which band member is hotter?
Do you like having a boyfriend?
Don't you hate how people call themselves "rockers" because they listen to fall out boy, yet don't know the classics
Best Amazing World of Gumball character?
What's your name? comment if your name is not on the list
Do u think she is pretty
Assuming Rudolph was in front, there are 40,320 ways to arrange the other 8 reindeer. Just so you know.
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