My friend won't stop raving about this guy she likes. He's a jerk. What do I do?

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Asked almost 6 years ago by userpic Liza to crowd icon Everyone 15-18
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You could tell her and tell her and tell her, but she wouldn't care . The only way for her to realise how really he's a jerk is to see it all by herself, even if she'll be hurt . At one step, you can't do anything for her anymore, but let her make jer own experiences ..
almost 6 years ago
@Josiane Bourque wow. Thanks. Good advice.
almost 6 years ago
If you're her friend u won't let her go with that guy so if you gotta slap sense into her then that's what u gotta do
over 5 years ago
All you can do is tell her how you feel about it then offer your support.
over 5 years ago

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