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Isn't She Beautiful <3.
Isn't she beautiful
She is beautiful, isn't she?
Is she beautiful?
Is she...
Is She Pretty?
She is beautiful ?
Is she......
Is she beautiful?????

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Is he cute? His name is Clyde
Cutest Boy? (Kids)
Would u eat pussy for money
Does anyone else keep seeing the same people here?
What do you like to eat?
Don't you hate how people call themselves "rockers" because they listen to fall out boy, yet don't know the classics
My friend won't stop raving about this guy she likes. He's a jerk. What do I do?
(I'm just asking, not being mean.) Who thinks Eminem is the king of rap and JB is the queen of crap?
Does he look cute in this picture
What movie should I watch on my 11th birthday?
Old music or new?
If A Straight Guy Taunts you and you're gay... you...
I dare you guys to go into the comments and press the 'paste' button. I will do it.
Are you a forever hunter Hayes fan? ( I am)
Do you like my drawing? :)
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