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What's your favorite emoji?
"And being ____ without ___ is like I'm waking up to only ____ a blue sky."
What's up with all these kids joining the Sex 18+ crowd? (Keyword: 18+)
Hey yall my momma died today at 3 this morning (shes on the left in pic) if your religious can you please pray for me?
Am I hot? Comment wether or not if I am or not💋
If you had chance to fix all your mistakes would you or not? Comment your answer
Did you ever see hero Brian
Which is the correct past-tense sentence that explains how this mannequin has 'died'?
Why people hate me?😔
Do you agree that Sansa Stark Is the Strongest Character on 'Game of Thrones'
What are signs a boy likes you
I love leggings! Do you?
Am I ugly it is ok if I am not
Whos Hotter ? Selena or Katy
Guess my teammate's name...
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