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Who is your favourite one direction bromance ?x
If you could have any fictional creature from any movie what would it be? Like mine would be a Ewok from Star Wars.
My abs
How many of you like justin bieber
Who is your fav huger games person?!
Favorite App?
Normal people will see Einstein short sighted people will see Marilyn Morrow if you see Einstein moveyourphone back a
A stranger walking in front of you drops a diamond you know is worth $5 millions. Nonody saw it but you. What do you do?
Read 1984 be George Orwell it's a fantastic piece about a negative utopia.
What would you wear
Tu es plutôt belieber ou directioner ?
Truth or dare game going on if you want to play text me then ask me truth or dare and I will put it on flipagram.
Favorite Animal
I got one question. How can you logout in this app???
Does she look like slimer from ghost busters?
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