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How do you get picture questions???
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Look a the picture and follow the directions what do you see?
How much do you and your crush have in common?
I hate him so much, yet when he stares at me I shatter to pieces and my heart stops.
Do you have a vine?? If so comment your name and you'll get a couple followers

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Cutest baby ?!x😜
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Siete proprio Italiani o avete anche altre origini ? Io sono di origine tedesca e ovviamente anche mio fratello
Which looks nicest
Put your recent emoji's in the comments
Which child gets the least attention?
The Six Nations: It's not all who u want to win, but also who u want to lose.
Is 12 too young to wear a Tiny bit of face makeup?? Eg. Concealer and powder?
Wich type of popcorn is the best
What date is your birthday on?
Do you remember Bebo?
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