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How many syllables in your name?
All family guys for talia soz bout brother
The Six Nations: It's not all who u want to win, but also who u want to lose.
If a farmer met a farmer in a farmers field, how many f's in that?
Best Taylor swift song ( comment if other
Quiz: What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
Best female TOWIE character ( TOWIE = The Only Way Is Essex )
Do you remember throwing sticky weed at your friends for fun?
Anyone got Kik? Comment if you want me to add you. Don't care if I get hate.
Am I beautiful?
Do u know holly Mcevoy
I'm 16. A guy. Blonde hair. And athletic with a good personality. Girls don't like me though. Why? :(
Are peppers fruit or vegetable? Answer in comments what u think? I know the answer just comment F or v? I will answer x
Which 1D bromance do you like best out of these?
Add me on snapchat pls
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