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Has anyone started revising for GCSEs yet? :)
Why do we cry?
Do you know the best girl ever? Otis askin! I luv you askin!
Quiz: What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
What do you do when your best friend is going out with your crush?! :(
I like a girl but I don't know if she is a lesbian. She looks like a lesbian but you can never know :/ This is me. Help!
Kik me Girls ;)
Who's prettier Taylor Swift (#1), Megan Fox (#2), Beyoncé Knowls (#3) or Kristen Stewart (#4)
I want to name my future daughter Lilith Rayne *****. What do you think?
If a farmer met a farmer in a farmers field, how many f's in that
Comment something!
Kik????????? COMMENT👇
Human beings are a despicable species.
Hot or not ??? Xxx
What school do you go to ???
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