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What kind of dog do u have
What kind of dog do you like?
What kind of dog do you prefer?
Which breed of dog do you like?
What kind of dog hunts bears??
Best dog breed?
What kind of dog do you have?
What kind of dog do you have
What kind of dog?

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I like a girl but she doesn't like me what should I do?
Is my name, Angharad, weird or nice?
Does anyone know game sites not blocked in school?.
Are peppers fruit or vegetable? Answer in comments what u think? I know the answer just comment F or v? I will answer x
If there are 10 fish in a tank and 2 drown, 5 swim away how many fish are still in the tank?
How many directioners are out there???????
Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?
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You want sex naw ?
Do you remember Bebo?
Favourite attraction
I have an English cocker spaniel he looks like this his names mowgli
Have you ever had a crush on you friends mum or dad
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