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Fave winter olympic sport
Of three animals (a monkey a squirrel a lion and a giraffe) climbed a coconut tree to get a banana who would win
Why do you guys ask dumbass questions asking me if your cute when your not.
Is my name, Angharad, weird or nice?
Ladies!! This is my boyfriend. Is it hust me or does he look like justin bieber!!🙀😏
You know what's really fun to do? Type in a bunch of random letters and see what it autocorrects them to. Try it!
So you think my hair is really curly
What's your favourite animal in Australia?
Would you like to share your night dream with your friends?
Is Tony a good nickname for Anthony?
Do u speak French?
What age should you become a lezbion?
Do you know what Omegle is?
How big is your ding dong if u know what I mean (inch)
Is it just my school that 75% of the pupils are total twats
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