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Is Casey an awesome name?
Is lily a nice name
Is Miana a pretty name (me-ah-na) it's my name
Is cous cous a good name for a lizard? (Cous cous is the name of that rice stuff)
Is Daniel a nice name (it's my name)
Do you think jack wood is a retards name?
Is my name cool(Precious)?
What do u think my whole name is
My name is Stephanie it means crown. Do you think this name is pretty?

Other questions
Jb is totally gay right?
Favourite music (I like emo)?
Which is your favourite talent show?
Ed Sheeran went to my high school.. But which school??
Is this romantic
When you hear of the town 'Bury', what's the first thing you say?
Am I pretty? ( zoom in because it's blurry as hell)
Favourite McFLY song?? 🎤
I'm eleven, and 150cm tall, I play basketball am I tall enough?
Do you have emoji 👍😄
Which pic of Jennifer Lawrence is best...
I'm 12 and I wear pencil eyeliner. I only wear a little. Do you think i'm too young?
Are you going on holiday this year? I'm going to Mexico!!
Do u really think that polar bears r murderers?
My wrist has been hurting now for about three weeks, any ideas what's wrong with it? It hurts where it's circled
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