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Which is the cutest of my dog?🐢🐢
Is my dog cute?
Is my (used to be cute dog) cute?
Is my dog adorable?
Is my dog cute??
is my dog cute?
Is this dog cute
Is my puppy cute?
Is my puppy cute? he is only 7 wks. old

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Please don't write mean comments.I have a disorder called A.D.H.D.It means I make bad choices.I know I'm weird but stop!
Who would you rather see in a bra?
Are you going somewhere for summer vacation?
Good truth or dare questions to ask the guy u like
Which is your favorite author?
Do you think it's cruel to use animals to entertain us?
Us animals will invade the world! We will run you filthy human out! 🐒 πŸŽ·πŸ› πŸ±πŸΉπŸ‘πŸ£πŸͺ🐷🐻🐨🐡🐼🐩🐦
Who is your favorite marauder?
Is He Cute ?
Am I handsome?
Do you like PewDiePie?
What's your dream romantic evening? (That's my husband and I)
Who knows me best ?πŸ’―% whoever gets it I'll make you a polyvore outfitπŸ‘—
I like a guy but he's kinda a bully to others but he's nice to me should I go out with him
My sister just had her baby this morning!!!
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