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I'm in year 9 is it weird to fancy a year 10?
Are peppers fruit or vegetable? Answer in comments what u think? I know the answer just comment F or v? I will answer x
Do u think this dog is cute
Put your recent emoji's in the comments
Whats your favourite flavour ice cream?<3
I like this guy and he likes me but neither of us have made a move, what should I do?
Which lip art ?
Do you have a sister or a brother
Non c'è sensazione più bella di quando ti giri per guardare una persona e quella persona lo stava già facendo ❤️💚💜💙💛
Do you know what Omegle is?
What's your favourite feature of Justin bieber?
How big is your ding dong if u know what I mean (inch)
What's ur fav store???
Do you like nerf guns ???? Xxx
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