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anyone else has issues getting votes? I have questions that have been up forever and just stopped getting votes.
Did you know you could "boost" your questions on HeyCrowd for 7$ to get a lot more votes and comments ?
Dont you get hype when one of your questions have like 300+ votes? ☺
How desperate are you to see your PC's from the past in the upcoming campaign?
Answer the following: You have a HUGE project due in two days, because of other obligations you have not been able to start it (like Netflix), do you:
If you Physics best then here are some Physics jokes
Before you go on, some things you should know.
Does anyone else just have like that one person that you hate for absolutely no reason?

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Which animals scare you most? Why?((Comment))
How do I stop Adolf Hitler from stealing my nutella?
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Do you have an innie or an outie
if u r a lesbian do u have sex l?
Most annoying/ overplayed song?
Am I ugly...apparently I am :'(
Do u believe that Adele is younger than Avril Lavigne ?
I'm 10 is that a at least around prea teen?
Who is hotter?!?! :)
Wich porn site ?
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