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Start a story about 2 ppl that fall in love !! 😍😘
Which do you say for a television remote?
Does dove Cameron have a twin sister
Is it ok for my friend who is 11 to masterbate?
Would you have children with my best friend. She's abit shy, so go easy.
A boy called me onion head is it true
What's the best roasted meat out of
Why is everyone so damn rude on here? (Most people)
Do you think being a women is harder than being a man
What is the missing letter qwertyuopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
Who is your fav you tuber
O que você achou do último ep. Da temporada 4?
Hey this is my dog poppy!!!!! I love her!!!
If a fella met a fella in a fella field would the fella tell a fella how the fella feels? How many f's in that?
Do yall watch dance moms
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