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When there is an awkward silence and sexual tension how should I break it?
Does my phot look sexy-------------->
Do u wear a bra?
Is 12 too young to wear a Tiny bit of face makeup?? Eg. Concealer and powder?
What country is Has a tower or a statue New York or Paris????
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
What's your favourite feature of Justin bieber?
Look at baby cameron boyce. Plz comment
What is 12x4 ?
Which letter repeats more asasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasa
would you were that dress
what breed is your dog Abby
Who's hotter ???? George Sampson xxx or aidan David xxxxxxx
Do u think this dog is cute
Am I sexy or naw ?
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