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If u fancied someone would u ? (Comment if u think other with ur answer please xx)
Which one ?!?! xx ❤
Way does ur name begin with
Your best friends name starts with what letter?
Letter that your name starts with
A B C or D
Would u A(marry me B(date me C(kiss me or D(call me
A, B, C, or D?

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Ydych chi'n siarad cymraeg
What is your favourite name?
Pick a Number Between 1 And 4
Am I pretty?
What does 😱 even mean?
You guys are so dumb if u think beautina is actually a girl lolol
Ksiolajidebt or comedyshortsgamer
Who wants babies when they're older?! Xxx
Who do I suit out of one direction??
Anyone got Kik? Comment if you want me to add you. Don't care if I get hate.
Please can somebody talk!!!! Xxx
Which Johnny Depp character do you prefer?
Which British youtubers do you like????
Do u like my shoes?👠
Best street art? (street art is something that looks 3d but it was drawn on the floor)
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