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Do you have dimples?
If a boy fancied you and you didn't fancy him back would you go out with him?
Who self harms ?? # likeMe
Am I sexy or naw ?
Emoji most used? Comment yourss
Is Tony a good nickname for Anthony?
I'm in year 9 is it weird to fancy a year 10?
If a usually talkative and social guy gets tongue tied, awkward, and shy around you, does he like you?
So you think my hair is really curly
I am 15 years old and I really would like to do ballet. Do you think I'm too old?
Do you think that Mere (stilababe09) copied Beth (macbarbie07)?
Don't believe it just found a Danny macaskill signed can of red bull go check out his video: way back home ) on YouTube
Which Email do you use?
Best theme park in England?
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