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Am I pretty
Am I pretty?
How pretty Am I?
Am I pretty
Am I pretty ?😉
Am I cute? 😝
Ok am I ugly like I think?
Am I at least ok looking?
Am I hot or not???

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If a usually talkative and social guy gets tongue tied, awkward, and shy around you, does he like you?
If you can raed tihs tehn you are a vrey tlaetned and yuor mnid is vrey sarmt olny smoe poelpe can raed tihs
Who is your favourite author?📕📗📘📙📚✏️📖
Who do you fancy? I fancy that guy next to this!
I'm 18 and I like a 15 year old. Is it okay? Comment please.
What's bombas
Cute or ugly
How's school going ?
How tall are you? 📐📏
Of three animals (a monkey a squirrel a lion and a giraffe) climbed a coconut tree to get a banana who would win
Favourite death eater? Voldemort, Draco, Bellatrix or Lucius?
favourite cat colour ?
Has music ever saved your life!
Do you support Swansea city afc
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