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If you're born in America, are you white? Like I'm Vietnamese, but my family is from Vietnam. But I am from America.
Would anyone be interested in a Disney crowd?
Whichever is the heaviest one ton of iron or one ton of cotton?
Which is the best dancer on dance moms?
What would you rate me? (Honest please)
Are we pretty?.?
Have you ever had a wedgie?
Anybody play minecraft pe?
Are you racist against gays?
Wut do u think of girls with tattoos ?
What would you do to me
Answer 45849 divided by 6955 times 5 to the 6th power minus 9 pi minus the square root of 6 to win free monogram.
Agree that taylor swift is a slut?
Would u rather go out with a boy that good looking but mean or ugly but is kind to everyone???
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