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Do u watch her?
Do u watch Lisbug? (Lisa)
Do u watch GloZell?
Do u watch cat?
Do u watch DazzleDiy?
Do you know who Macbarbie07 (watch her)
Do u watch smosh
Do u watch PEWDIEPIE
Do u watch them

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what do you hate the most (no fense)
Talia died with cancer all she wanted was a emoji that was bald make it happen by reposting it on insta and other sites
Do u think tis is cute
Who do u think JB would look cute with
Who's a better center
Is Justin Bieber cooler the one direction??
Do u like superman ice cream
How much does Sofia suck
If u only had 1 wish, what would it be?(no unlimited wishes u cheaters)
are walmart skate boards good for begginers???
I put my dog in a wonesie isn't she adorablešŸ˜Š
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"And being ____ without ___ is like I'm waking up to only ____ a blue sky."
Do u like double penatration
How Many langauges do you speak
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