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Do you ever feel depressed when you think about the future, and where you belong in it?
Beautina with her new boyfriend. Are they?
Does it hurt when they pull out one of your teeth when it's already full grown?
Had to trick a bitch. Double tap to view better
Hey guys! Just going to say bye! 😔👋 going to miss the fights 😢 and I am going to miss everybody 😞 good bye!
How much of the number pi do you know (type answer in comments)
Wele kanton findet dir am coolste?
What are Cher Lloyd fans called. Cause I am a fan and have no idea lol. Comment your answers. Help me!! Haha
Quien quiera arruinarse la infancia vea el video. Quien sea asustadizo o marica no lo vea y yo no me hago responsable
(I'm just asking, not being mean.) Who thinks Eminem is the king of rap and JB is the queen of crap?
Is Kaylee a childish name, I'm 13
Quel pays aimerais-tu visiter ?
Girls in Boots?
Stydia ou Stalia ? #TeenWolf
So I was looking at questions, and the comments are so rude! Why can't we all just be nicer???
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