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Do you like your parents?
Do you have a friend like this
Do u have long hair
Do you love one derection
Do you think I am good looking?
Do you have a BOYFRIEND girls
Do you have a crush???
Do you think I have long eyelashes?
Do you have ur own bathroom?

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What is your relationship status
Why are there so many wannabe hipsters and fake ghetto kids?
What size bra do you wear?? Comment your exact size.
Boom _______, sound of my heart
Am I hot or not??
Message me on minus ellbell2808 I also trade pics
Ok be honest... Who's your favorite Guilty Gear character?
Which lip art ?
What's the best roasted meat out of
Do U want to go there(I do)🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔
What date is your birthday on?
Whats your favourite flavour ice cream?<3
My crush gets influenced by his bestfriends. He's weird around them but when he is with other guys he is lovely. Help!!
Me compared to couple years ago 😳😧
Of three animals (a monkey a squirrel a lion and a giraffe) climbed a coconut tree to get a banana who would win
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