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I have a small patio and want a small dog what kind of dog should i get plz comment if you choose comment thank you!!
Hi guys i really want a dog so km raising for one i have a small patio and want a small dog. What kind of dog? 🐢🐢
Do u have a dog?
Which puppy do you think I should get? (I want a small and cute one)
Which dog would you prefer....
If you had to had to be one breed of dog, what breed of dog would you be?
What kind of dog do you have?
What breed of dog is best
What kind of pet do u have

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Is this sweet wht my bf said
Does it hurt when they pull out one of your teeth when it's already full grown?
What pillow pet do you have
Who is your favorite dancer from dance moms
Can anyone give me song recommendations??
do you think I'm a perv (me: I'm not just so you know)
Fav emoji?
I'm SOOOOOOO bored πŸ˜”
Am I fat? I'm 11 I'm 5 ft 4 and 150 pounds
Is this fashion ?
Can the average person lick their own armpit?
Eva herd of dum ways to die
What do you call a pencil without a point?
Read 1984 be George Orwell it's a fantastic piece about a negative utopia.
Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger, or Rachel Ballinger, or Twiamz
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