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I have a small patio and want a small dog what kind of dog should i get plz comment if you choose comment thank you!!
Hi guys i really want a dog so km raising for one i have a small patio and want a small dog. What kind of dog? 🐢🐢
Do u have a dog?
Which puppy do you think I should get? (I want a small and cute one)
Which dog would you prefer....
If you had to had to be one breed of dog, what breed of dog would you be?
What kind of dog do you have?
What breed of dog is best
What kind of pet do u have

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Honestly, am I pretty? In my school, some people tell me I'm not, so I just wanted to ask.
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Write your favorite ice cream shop in comments
Best emoji?
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Hey 😊 you guys should follow me on Intagram!! @lana_forever_queen! I really want a bigger account!! ❀️❀️ I follow back!
Date with the blonde one?
Do you sport gay marriage
I love JB...who else does?....
Do you like cats or dogs
Would people have to change the way they think for the world to be peaceful?
Who is the most attractive actor?
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