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Do you get offended when people say " oh that's so gay" and it is used in the wrong context? Comment how u feel?
Comment when 1D3D the movie is coming out
Comment if you think I'm pretty (I look horrible if the pic sorry)
Survey codes?
DUDES DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PHONE?! It was like that when I returned from my shower... T^T
Anyone have I'm d_soccergurl10πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š
I am the chosen one! ( I did that to my friend but it didn't work, she figured it outπŸ˜•)
Does anyone have Polyvore if you do comment ur username so I can follow u, but if you don't then get the app!😎
Did you know that Zayn left One Direction?

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Should I hang out with my boyfriend or best friend
Trump;The greatest theft in the history of the world is what China has done to our country we rebuilt China
Have you seen the show the fosters?
Does anyone have any outfit ideas for these boots? I also want to wear white knit socks underneath, any ideas? Thanks
Who is your favourite one direction bromance ?x
What do two females wear when getting married?
Hey thanks if i get 100 ? I will do truth or dare pics
Je suis mariΓ© et j'aime une autre femme avant elle depuis ma jeunesse, et je ne peux pas l'oublier comment faire ? suis mariΓ© et j'aime une autre femme avant elle depuis ma jeunesse, et je ne peux pas l'oublier que faire ?
Hi cuties! 1,2,3 person to comment there name and the things u like get a picture from the internet
Country, beach bum or city slicker, which one are you?
Is it ethical to steal money from someone who plans to use it on alcohol, when you struggle to pay rent?
Mmk errbody I need some new people to kik. Leave em in the comments if ya want! :P
Do anyone knows an App for making gameplays?
Comment what you guys think on British people and their accents :)
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