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Its the last day of school how should i let my crush know i like him.
Hi love this guy in my class i am a teen and he likes me but he does not know i like him how do i tell him
I really like my best friend but I don't know if he likes me back!!!! Help
There is a boy in my class and u have a huge crush on him. But if he finds out he may not like me :( what should I do??
My boyfriend said that I was mean and creepy. But I really love him and don't want to brake up with him what should I do
Right I fancy this boy but my best friend likes him to. What should I do ?
My boyfriend texted me first and I texted back and he read my text but didn't txt back, what should I do?
I have a BFF boy and i like him but he is in another state right now and he has a girlfriend there and i love him
Hey guys! I wanna tell the guy I love that I'm in love with him but I'm really nervous.. advice please? :)

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