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Which one? Lolz comment if ya want but please no hate :P
Who's prettier? 1) me 2) BFF Lucy 3) BFF Maddie 4) friend Clara
La plus jolie ? 💙 1) Demi Lovato, 2) Miley Cyrus, 3) Lucy Hale, 4) Dianna Agron...
Pick your favorite. If you love Legos and have a set comment which ones please!!
Who's prettier (comment please)
who would you rather date?? comment why and why not!
Who is prettier?💕💕😎😎😋😋💋💋
Who's the prettier? 1) me 2) BFF jenny 3) BFF izzy 4) friend Olivia
Who's prettier ? ;)

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Am I sexy or naw ?
Would you go out with her ? BTW she is very very crazy
What date is your birthday on?
I'm 18 and I like a 15 year old. Is it okay? Comment please.
Do u think it sad how people always blame staffies for dog attacks?!!!
I'm 18 and pregnant by my 41 year old boyfriend. What should I do?
O you go to St. Margaret's school? (facing Parrenthorn)
Witch is the best football players in the world
Best football team ever ??
What is a hephalump???
What season is your birthday in?x
Do you have a nickname
Best film🎥
Look at the red dot on Zayn's nose for 15 seconds then look at the wall!!!
Who else thinks this summer is going by too fast?
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