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What is your favorite sport
Wat is your favorite singer?
Who is your favourite? 😘
Which one is awesome ? :)
Vous préférez quelle photo?
Which dress is the prettiest?
Fav random nails
Laquelle ?
Who is your favorite character off of Despicable Me? (Sorry about Edith couldn't find a good pic)

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Cat woman vs Black Canary
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Here's your monogram @♈️ARIES♈️{FAM/NOB👑}
Why do people use KiK when you have an iMessage?
Mostly overused name for a bird
Can the average person lick their own armpit?
KITTIB vs Yubin in diss rap battle on Unpretty Rapstar!
Do you have a celeb crush?
Come on people lets convince 💯Tiffany💯 to stay
Which phobia do you have?
I am so excited about the new emoji's!!
What do you think I mean: 🙉🙈🙉
Do u watch modern family??
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