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Don't you hate people who hack you and pretend to be you?
Am I mean? I know some of you think I'm nice, but to other people.. Do you think I'm mean? Tell the complete truth!
I'm think about leaving heycrowd there are many mean people and I don't need stress please tell me what to do?
My sister's friends are being mean to her and I want to help her! I don't know what to do so what should I do?
Do you care what people say mean things to your favorite team?
My boyfriend said that I was mean and creepy. But I really love him and don't want to brake up with him what should I do
Do u know that u can get reported for selecting mean answers?
Should I do one of those posts where you ask if your pretty?
I can't flirt at all and when I do I don't mean to and its to the people I don't like like help

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Do you like....
This is a greyhound. It is one of the fastest dogs in the world. It's max speed is about 45 mph/72.4 kmh. Did you know?
What is your favourite sport?
Follow me on Instagram @__.SARABEAR.__ 👈I like pics btw😊😉
Who killed Asuma in naruto? Which akatsuki?
Guys I just found out I am not going to the beach
Which ones cuter??
Is Nigga racist when black people say it?
Do you believe in god?
She is the nicest person I've ever met! Her questions are awesome so please check her profile out!
Is music on the radio appropriate for everyone?
Do you ever feel jittery and nervous for no reason?
Am I pretty if not why
If you would date someone in 1D who would it be ???? For your imformation i dont know who to pick
Spell your first name backwards!
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